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Delivering innovative solutions to the business community

What we do

TyneMet College offers a wide range of training solutions to help businesses to grow and prosper. We recognise that the greatest asset of any business is its staff and we are committed to working alongside you to release their potential.


Employer benefits

TyneMet provides high quality services and training for employers and their workforce, to have a positive impact on business performance. Read on to see the specific benefits a tailored training solution from TyneMet can offer.


Case studies

We understand that every organisation is unique and has different needs. Our mission is to help businesses grow and prosper by providing staff with relevant skills and expertise. See how others have benefitted from TyneMet training.



Apprenticeships are an effective and affordable way to provide training for new and existing staff. Our apprentice training programmes are designed by industry specialists to provide employees with the skills that are relevant to your business.